Let Us Walk In The Light of the Lord

Isaiah 2:5— “O house of Jacob, come you, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.”

As I begin this article, I want you, the reader, to take special notice that the Holy Spirit through Isaiah uses the term “house of Jacob.” This is not to be overlooked, for it portrays to us the great grace of God. Jacob was a deceiver who deserved nothing good and had nothing of worth to offer the Lord, but was given everything by the Lord. Such is grace.

This is a perfect picture of each of us. In our own selves, we have nothing to offer the Lord but failure and unrighteousness, but because of grace we are now made worthy and righteous.


In this verse, Jacob (Israel) is implored by the Lord to “walk in the light of the Lord.” What does this actually mean? The light is God’s moral teaching, which is the Bible. To read, believe, love, learn, and obey the Bible is to walk in the light of God.

It is impossible to have a true relationship with the Lord without a proper understanding of the Bible. The Bible is the story of Jesus Christ.
The Bible is the only book of truth in the world. The Bible tells us the story of man’s creation, man’s fall, and man’s redemption by Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary’s Cross to atone for the sin of men.

As well, the Bible has the answer to every single problem that plagues the human heart. Therefore, the believer should make the study of God’s Word a daily habit.

1. There are many translations of the Bible available today. The only translation that the believer should study is a word-for-word translation, which would include the King James Bible, or the New American Standard Bible. I personally believe the King James is the best. Kenneth Wuest, the noted Greek scholar, said of the King James Bible, “When one reads the King James Bible, one has the assurance of knowing that he is reading the true Word of God.”

2. Read the Bible in order, from Genesis to Revelation. Too many Christians jump around from book to book instead of reading it from beginning to end. When you read a novel, you don’t jump around from chapter to chapter; you start at chapter one and proceed to the end. So too should be the reading of the Bible.

3. One should avail himself of a good set of Bible commentaries to help in his study. While I personally have many different sets of commentaries, my favorite set is my dad’s. Why? Simply put, they are written in a way that all can understand. Dad has a way of making difficult theological matter easy to understand.

4. One should have a good set of Greek and Hebrew word study books. For Greek, I recommend Kenneth Wuest and The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament by Spiros Zodhiates. For the Old Testament, I like George Williams’ Complete Bible Commentary and The Complete Word Study Dictionary Old Testament by Warren Baker and Eugene Carpenter.

5. I also highly recommend our ministry study guides and hardback books. Every single one will help you to understand the Word of God better.

In closing, if you want to walk in the light of the Lord then you must know the Word of God and let the Word of God be the guide of your life and living.

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