Fill Thine Horn With Oil And Go

“And the LORD said unto Samuel, How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill your horn with oil, and go, I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided Me a king among his sons.” – I Samuel 16:1

SAMUEL, THE PROPHET of God, was dejected and discouraged. The text says he was mourning. He knew in his spirit that it was hopeless as it regarded Saul. He had disobeyed the instruction from the Lord, and his heart no longer followed God, so it was obvious to Samuel that the Lord was no longer working with him.
Though Samuel was the prophet of God and one of the greatest prophets to ever live, still, he was human. He was looking at the circumstances, and he was focused on the problem and not the Lord, who is the solution.
At the very moment that Samuel was mourning, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was planning the greatest move of God that Israel had ever known.
Some of you reading this are facing great problems. Because of circumstances that come over you that in the natural look impossible, you are mourning just as Samuel was. However, just as the Lord was planning great things for Israel, I believe I can say that the Lord is also planning great things for every single believer who evidences faith.
Let me say again that at this moment in time, with great economic uncertainty and great spiritual apostasy, no matter the difficulties you are facing, God is working things out for you.
Remember, if you are walking and living in faith—faith in Christ and Him crucified—then know and understand that at this very moment, God is planning great things for you. Let’s state it once more: God is planning great blessings for you right now. However, we also must understand that those blessings are predicated upon our faith in Christ and what He has done for us at Calvary.
It’s easy to focus on the problem just as Samuel did. It’s easy to doubt and to be fearful but never forget that God has the final say in everything.
I believe that in spite of all that is wrong in the church and in the world, God is in glory right now planning the greatest move of God this world has ever seen. I believe the greatest harvest of souls is soon upon us. I believe multitudes are going to be filled with the Spirit and healed by God’s power. I believe the greatest days of blessing for God’s children are ahead of us. So, don’t be discouraged and don’t mourn, but look up for our help comes from above.

The Horn Of Oil
When a man was to be anointed to be king in those days, the Lord would instruct the prophet to fill a ram’s horn with oil. He would then pour the oil over the head, with the oil saturating his clothes, even down to the feet. This spoke of a saturation by the Holy Spirit.

The Five Symbols Of The Holy Spirit
There are five symbols of the Holy Spirit used in Scripture. They are given as types, suggestions, or representations of the Holy Spirit. These symbols are for the purpose of illuminating and giving new insight and understanding, but they are never to replace that which they symbolize.
These symbols are:
• The Dove (Lk 3:22): The dove symbolizes the gentleness and meekness of the Holy Spirit. As believers, we are to walk softly and quietly before the God of the Holy Spirit.
• Living Water (Jn. 7:37-39): This symbolizes life. The crops have no produce without the water and its life-giving properties, and neither can man survive without water. Just as our bodies need water, our spirits need the Holy Spirit. Everything the river (the Holy Spirit) touches, life springs forth.
• Wind (Acts 2:2): Wind symbolizes the power of the Holy Spirit—power greater than the power of Satan. While this power is violent when it comes to Satan and his works, the same wind is gentle to the believer.
• Fire (Mat. 3:11): Fire speaks of purity. The fire of the Spirit refines the heart and life of the believer, forming him into the image of Christ.
• Oil (Ex. 29:7, 29-30; Lev., Chpt. 8; Ps. 133:2): Oil speaks of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The emphasis on oil is intended to teach us that the Holy Spirit is totally involved in the spiritual life of the believer. Oil beautifully represents the Holy Spirit because it penetrates, permeates, saturates, soothes, moistens, protects, and lubricates. Oil also purges and cleanses and if burned, its energy radiates light and warmth.

The Anointing
The great need in the church today is the anointing. The reason that the church is full of man-made church growth schemes and programs that attempt to sanctify believers through works is because, by and large, the church has lost the anointing of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is rejected or no longer desired, then the only thing you have left is man and his schemes, which are almost always aided by demon spirits that come to deceive and then ensnare believers.
The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the only power that can break the yoke of bondage of sin, sickness, poverty, and religious tradition.
The cry of the preacher must be for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The cry of the church must be for the Holy Spirit to fill the tabernacle with the glory of God.
As David had to be anointed, we also need to be anointed.

The word fill means “to be full of” and “to furnish.” The believer can be full of religion and tradition, or he can be full of the Holy Spirit. We are to be full of the Holy Spirit in order for the Holy Spirit to furnish what we need for the task at hand. When power is needed, the Holy Spirit furnishes it. When help is needed, when grace is needed, when instruction is needed, or when whatever is needed, the Holy Spirit furnishes it.
Horn in the Hebrew means “a flask,” “a container,” “a receptacle,” and it is figurative of power. Today, spiritually speaking, we are the horn, the receptacle of power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The church has a mission and that is to go. Go and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, go and heal the sick, and go and pray for believers to be filled with the Spirit. The true church is never idle, but it is always pressing forward, pushing back Satan’s kingdom of darkness.
My prayer is for you to truly know what the Holy Spirit can do and wants to do in your life. If you have not yet received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I pray that you will earnestly begin seeking the Lord for your Spirit baptism.

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