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vusi khoza from swaziland wrote at April 8, 2014:
Hi Mr Swaggart,

I watch SBN everyday.

I'm in Swaziland in the south part of Africa.
Debra J. Miller from USA wrote at April 4, 2014:
Mr. Swaggart,
I watch your show everyday!
Awesome man of GOD.
Keep encouraging!!!!
robert easley from new orleans wrote at April 3, 2014:
I'm studying to become a baptist minister, and the way Bro Donnie presents the message is exactly the way all pastors need to wake up to and preach God's word and his kingdom.
Denise Justice from USA wrote at March 30, 2014:
Just wanted to tell you how much I love your preaching and when you are on Frances and Friends.
Anna Smith wrote at March 29, 2014:
I have been watching your dad and you, the preaching has been awesome and all of you tell it like it is, the real truth.
I just love all of your styles.
May God bless you all.
Phillip & Myrtle Rives from US wrote at March 22, 2014:
We have watched Pastor Jimmy for over 35 years at least and have lots of books, bibles, songs. We love him and Donnie, you and Gabe are wonderful preachers. What we like is you all tell it like it says in God's word, don't mind stepping on toes!
Our church is a good church in some ways but they are not going to step on toes or tell someone what they are not doing according to the Bible. We love a strong preacher, we sure wished we were closer to you, you would have 2 new members. We are in Orange Tx about 166 miles.
God Bless all of you and keep preaching out of God's word!
Eddie Arwood wrote at March 17, 2014:
I have watched you and your Dad preach and I am absolutely blessed so much by it.
I remember your father since I was 11 years old and listened to some tapes back in 1970 in my Wednesday night class.
Those are precious memories.
Dorothy Stumpf wrote at March 16, 2014:
Donnie - I am so glad to hear you preach on the HOLY SPIRIT, this stuff about prayer shawls & blood moons confuses me & I have been saved a long time.
All I know is JESUS washed me in his blood & saved my soul.
GOD BLESS all of you at Family Worship Center.
Erica wrote at March 14, 2014:
I just want to say thank you for SBN. My two year old and I watch it constantly. As soon as he gets up in the morning he grabs the Roku remote and says Jimmy :)
Walt & Sue Ellen Tyler wrote at March 12, 2014:
If all goes well , we plan to come see you in Beavers Dam April 4-6th. We will not be able to stay for the Sunday evening service but hope to be blessed with what the Lord has given you to share in the others.
God bless you with traveling mercies brother.
Cindy Stone from Sterling, Ill. wrote at March 7, 2014:
Brother Donnie, Just wanted to say I will be joining you in Northfield, MN. this week end. Am a FWC member. Your preaching blesses me beyond measure.
See you soon.
Hattie Hall from United States wrote at March 1, 2014:
I just listened to a sermon you preached and enjoyed it very much when you were talking about the disciples asking God did He not care if they perished. It reminded me when my son and his wife took me camping.
I woke up and it felt like the thunder was shaking the mountain. I sat up and said Lord should I run to the car and suddenly that song 'Be not afraid, 'Tis only the Master calming the storm, removing all harm'. A peace came over me and I laid back down and went back to sleep.
Your sister in Christ,
Hattie Hall
DEBBIE HUBBARD wrote at February 27, 2014:
Donnie, I so appreciate your messages. You are so on FIRE for Jesus. You life me up when needed. I Love your enthusiasm. Love the whole family.
May God Bless your ministry more and more each giving day.
Happy in Michigan.
Linda Albert from Kilgore, TX wrote at February 24, 2014:
We just wanted to say hello and to let you know that we enjoy the messages that the Lord blesses you with to share with all of us.
We are Media Members and we feel that FWC is definiately the church for us!!
We love you all and are looking forward to paying a visit real soon!
May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family!
Dan and Linda Albert
shelby capps wrote at February 23, 2014:
Dear Donnie,
I can not say how much I love your messages because I know they are from God and Him alone.
I thank you for preaching like you do, I can feel the heart of the Holy Spirit for me when you give your Heart to preach the message of the Cross.
I am so thankful I found SBN and Pray for you.
I love you in the LORD.
Shelby capps.
PS. I am 76 yrs old and have been saved for over 50 years and I am in love with Jesus as much or more today than I have ever been, and I know it is because of the preaching of the Word.
CAROL TAYLOR wrote at February 21, 2014:
Hi Donnie, May God bless you.
Suzy sheen from S h alabama wrote at February 20, 2014:
Great informative site :)
Evangelist Donna Simms from Philadelphia, Pa. wrote at February 19, 2014:
Greetings in the name of our savior Jesus Christ.
My mother and I are members of the media church. We praise God for you and the ministry. It is a blessing to be a member from Pa. We know there is no distance in prayer and true worship.
We get happy with the preaching, singing and teaching. The Holy Ghost moves us in our living room and we shout, dance and praise the Lord in spirit and truth.
Love and Blessings to your entire family and the ministry.
Selena Lawson wrote at February 16, 2014:
I live in Henderson, North Carolina and wish you would come close to here or even here more in the future, so my family and I can come see you.
May God bless you and your Ministry also your Family.
Carol Sanborn wrote at February 12, 2014:
So enjoyed the meetings at Elbow Lake, Mn. this past weekend!
I booked a hotel room today in Northfield so my friends and I will see you next month.....You shouldn't have such a long trip if your flying into the twin cities as you did flying here in Elbow Lake.
And I really liked your outfits. Donny you're a smart dresser and very it!
Blessings and safe travel always!! :)